A beautiful yard is a great place to hang out. To relax on the deck or patio after work. The finished product is great! But then theres the mowing, fertilizing the lawn, pruning your shrubs and trees, mulching, pulling the weeds, and so much more. 

Sign up with our monthly maintenance program and we do all the work for you! 

Our monthly maintenance plan includes: 

- Mowing

- Lawn & Plant Fertilization

- Weed Control

- Trimming

- Mulching

- Spring & Fall Cleanup

- Gutter Cleanup

Monthly pricing will be based on yard size, and maintenance needs

Lawn Care St. Charles Weed Control Maintenance

A clean and well maintained yard is the most important feature of your landscape. Let us do the work and enjoy the benefits!

The lawn of your dreams takes work and time. ​Take away the worry and contact us to request a free consultation.

- Zach
I am so happy to find a reliable landscape company to do my maintenance and projects. Thank you Reithel landscaping for fixing everything! I am very happy with the results
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